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Boot and Shoe Repair Services

When your favorite shoes or boots start to show their age, don't toss them in the trash. Our experienced shoe repair technicians have the skills and tools needed to bring those shoes back to life. We offer a full lineup of footwear repair services, which are completed in a reasonable amount of time. As an authorized Birkenstock Repair Retailer, you can count on us to revitalize your go-to Birkenstocks. Whether you need someone to resole boots, repair the leather on your dress shoes or perform fast shoe heel repair, we're up for the challenge.

Do you want to maintain the structural integrity and appearance of your favorite shoes at home? We stock a variety of shoe care products, too, that will make it easy to maintain your favorite boots and shoes. Our shoeshine brushes, polish applicators and shine cloths are made from high-quality materials and will ensure that you step out with a shine each day.

Proper shoe maintenance can extend the life of your shoes and boots, allowing you to go longer between repairs. When your soles do start to show their age, you know where to send them for fast, professional service. Reach out to us today!

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