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Women's Heels

Heel Tip Replacement Dowel
Leather Heel
Rubber Heel
Combo Heels -- part leather and part rubber
Crepe Heels
Vibram Lug Heels
Leveling Heel Base - Heels with severe wear require leveling before heel replacement

Women's Half Sole

Leather Half Sole
Vibram Half Sole
Crepe Half Sole
Neolite Half Sole (one of our most popular soles)
Oversole Half Sole -- Very thin Vibram sole added to original sole to protect soles that can't be resoled or to extend the life.

Women's Full Soles & Heels

Vibram Lug Sole and Heel
Leather Sole and Heel
Rubber Sole and Heel
Crepe Sole and Heel